Parents' Info

Snow days

Open Fields delays opening or closes in the event of inclement weather, and relies on the judgement of the Thetford schools to determine the best course of action. If Thetford Academy and Thetford Elementary Schools are closed, we are,too. If the schools have a delayed opening, we will open at the same time as the Elementary School.

Every year, we distribute a snow telephone tree to parents. We will attempt to notify you with any closing or delay and ask your cooperation in keeping the chain of calls going. In addition, you can hear closing information on WTSL AM 1400, WGXL FM 92.3, KIXX FM 100. 5, and V101. You can also check for school closing information on the following websites: Sovernet, WCAX or

If you have any questions, please ask. Realizing that some of our students come from surrounding areas, we leave the decision as to whether to attempt to handle the road conditions up to you. Safely is paramount. Please let us know if your student will not be attending school that day.

School hours

School begins at 8:30 AM and closes at 3 PM. Your children are expected on time at both ends of the day.

Snack and lunch

We have snack time every day around 10 AM and lunch around 1 PM. You must provide both. Milk can be bought here at school for 15 cents a day or $3 ($2 for 3-day students) a month, whichever is cheaper for you.


You are welcome to send goodies for the group on or about your child's birthday. That's up to you.

Field trips

Especially in the fall and spring we may decide to take to the woods or other places when a nice day comes along. PLEASE let us know in advance if your child will be coming late or leaving early for the dentist or doctor or whatever! Otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be there when he/she arrives or is supposed to depart! We do expect them to be there from start to finish unless we know otherwise from you.


Please insist that your child dress for the weather. We do expect them to go outside most days, however briefly.